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Auschwitz Birkenau and Salt Mine One Day Private Tour

It's possible to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp and Wieliczka Salt Mine in one day tour.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp was established in 1940 at the outskirts of Oświecim-Polish town annexed to the Third Reich (name of the town was changed to Auschwitz). Auschwitz become a symbol of genocide, terror and the holocaust. The precise number of deaths at the camp is unclear, but well over a million people were systematically killed in gas chambers, or were hanged or shot or died of disease or exhaustion. Most of the victims were Jews brought here from 1941 to 1944 from all around Europe. In addition to Jews thousands of POWs, including many Poles, Russians and Gypsies were exterminated here too. In 1947 Concentration Camp was turned into a Museum-Memorial by the Polish Parliament and in 1979 was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During the tour groups of tourists visit the main part of the camp Auschwitz I and the camp Auschwitz II Birkenau.

Wieliczka Salt Mine is just about 14 km from the centre of Krakow. That’s the oldest Salt Mine in Europe still in use from the Middle Ages. In 1978 it was entered on UNESCO's first World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Visitors exploring the mine walk down 360 steps into the mine. The tourist route is a system of mine excavations from 64 to 135 meters below ground level. Groups of visitors follow about 2 km route passing the chambers, corridors, chapels and underground lakes.

all day trip

  • pick up from your hotel
  • drive from Krakow to KL Auschwitz - 1-1,5 hour
  • tour in KL Auschwitz I - 2 hours
  • tour in KL Auschwitz II Birkenau - 1,5 hour
  • drive from Auschwitz to Wieliczka Salt Mine -1,5 hour
  • lunch break in restaurant near salt mine
  • guided tour in Wieliczka Salt Mine - 2,5 hours
  • drive back from Wieliczka Salt Mine to Krakow - 30-40 minutes

Door-to-Door service Pick Up/Drop Off at your hotel or airport.